me_test2Aditi Naik

Hi! I am Aditi Naik. I am an Electronics Engineer by education with a flair for all things creative!. The field of multimedia fascinates me because it sees the coming together of both technology and creativity!. I worked with Harbinger Knowledge Products and BrainVisa technologies, both leading companies in the sbobet mobile e-learning space, for some years. My love of colors and designs led me to starting aditidesigns, a web design venture, based in Bangalore. My company currently specializes in responsive website development using WordPress. We also offer e-commerce website sbobet asia development solutions.

Your website is your identitiy in the online digital space and it goes without saying that it should be a strong one. I believe your website should be vibrant, intuitive and full of life!…giving you a distinct identity, conveying your vision, connecting with your customer and empowering your business!.

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